Best 20+ Dark React Admin Templates for 2023

8 min readApr 20, 2021

Do you want to choose something new and dramatic on your site? Choose a dark theme, the dark themes provide a mysterious look. Sometimes Dark themes might be the best option depending on your product type, your brand, and the site’s theme such as music, entertainment project while such project needs a clean and sophisticated theme. Finding a balance between design and its usability.

A dark theme generally catches the user’s attention because of a stunning color combination the attribute of dark color is that they have the ability to depict multiple meanings. Here in this article, I will describe the best, unique, and extraordinary Dark Theme admin template for the website to attract the user’s attention.

BERRY- React admin dashboard

Berry React Dark Admin Dashboard Template

Codedtemes launches a new react material-based Admin dashboard which is -BERRY. Using the Material-UI library to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications. Berry is SEO Optimized and compatible with all major browsers(such as Mozilla, Chrome) and devices(tablet, laptop). The template comes with a Light dark version which is easy to access.


  • Build on Material-UI
  • Rich design
  • Based on React-hook
  • Fast loading
  • Light dark version

Able pro

Able pro is a built-in react framework with a material look and feel. It contains ready to use feature package and provides a flexible solution to every problem. It contains a good structure and commented code. The best features are it comes with a light /dark layout option to give the unlimited creativity of the user. The standard feature includes a pre-build admin panel which is highly customizable.


  • 11+ menu option
  • 100+ external plugin
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • High performance
  • Responsive and retina ready

Datta able

Datta is one of the most used react admin templates having an excellent support system and browser compatibility. It is free for single-use, but you have to pay a certain charge for multiple usages. The user doesn’t need any documentation for installing. This template in their system developing apps with the help of data able template becomes very easier.


  • 130+ pre-built pages
  • 30+ page layout
  • Flexible code
  • High performance
  • Complete UI kit


Dashboardkit is built using Bootstrap 5 beta version which is perfect for novice developers, designers, project managers, and owners. It comes with a simple and easy-to-use design. Everything is simple and well organized and you will quickly able to get an idea of how to use this theme.


  • 200+ pages
  • Clean and professional design
  • High performance
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Easy to install and configure

Nextro able

Nextro able Built using the latest Bootstrap Framework & support of NPM-Gulp build process for enhancing web developing experience. It contains all features and elements to create a simple to complex web application or project. A template Design passed with good score in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GT Metrix, and code passed via w3 validators.

Nextro able comes with a professional-looking design. It includes 200+ page layout, robust documentation, video tutorial, stunning typography page, highly responsive, and performance-centric. It’s compatible with all major browsers and devices.


  • Light/dark/semi-dark version
  • Compressive layout
  • Advance components + pages
  • Highly flexible code
  • SEO optimized and use for a novice developer

Flash able

Flash able is one of the most comprehensive bootstrap4 admin templates among all templates in the market. It is unique professional design comes with a rich feature and set of components. It comes with a Live customizer to choose what you need exactly for your project, Developer-centric code structure for things done easily, responsive, and mobile-friendly.


  • 200+ pages, 60+chart, 150+widget, and 30+ plug-in
  • 14+ unique layout
  • Easy to use code structure
  • Video tutorial series
  • Responsive

Flat Able

Flat Able comes with good features like basic components — breadcrumbs, buttons, typography, etc. and a variety of free options available. When you’re working with this Flat able no extra design skills required and coding skill required to complete your Web App.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Live customizer
  • Effective design

Mega Able

Mega Able is a free Admin Template — It comes with Basic but useful UI components, advanced components, author pages, set of font icons, different form components, data tables, charts, and google map collections.


  • Responsive
  • Live customization
  • Cross-browser compatible

Materially react admin template

Materially is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Hooks + Redux with Material UI. It is the most convenient react hooks admin dashboard template for developers as it’s made with React Hooks, Components, Create React App, Redux, clean code, and fully documented which allows you to build eye-catching, high-quality, high-performance responsive single-page applications.

It comes with a performance-centric code for easy understanding. The template uses 3rd party authentication such as JWT, Auth0, and firebase.


  • Dashboard, 50+ Widget Cards
  • JSS Powered
  • 75+ Pages
  • 6 months of free technical support
  • Easy to customize

Star admin pro

Star Admin pro is a modern Dark Theme React admin template that has a stunning design and clean code variety of web applications. It’s perfect for both simple and complex web development projects. It’s served a well-designed dashboard with several neatly arranged components and essential elements.


  • Well design E-Commerce page
  • 15+ Essential UI element
  • 5 Different page layout
  • Support SAAS and jQuery
  • Separate login and registration page


Purple is one of the most beautiful admin page templates crafted with vibrant design with the splendid use of gradient color. The main feature is its unique interface and well-organized components come with a pre-built app, page layout, and sidebar layout. It represents data visually on the dashboard.


  • 3 E-Commerce page layout
  • Horizontal- Vertical navigation
  • Multiple pre-built apps
  • Light dark layout
  • Error page

Skote admin template

Skote is based on the Dark Theme React admin template without jQuery. You can build multiple types of applications using skote such as E-commerce, crypto, CRM, CMS, project management, etc. it’s integrated with firebase and fake backend authentication.


  • Light-dark version
  • Pure components based Reactjs
  • No jQuery dependency
  • Prebuilt app for chat and calendar
  • Clean and well-commented code


Primer is a creative material design template. It comes with an angular and Reacts version with RTL support. It has a simple and minimal design perfect for every website. This template is best when you are working in SAAS, CMS, CRM projects.


  • Material UI
  • Language translation
  • Light dark theme
  • Fully responsive
  • React router

Star admin

Star Admin is a free admin template that looks great. It is a fully responsive layout that is compatible with all modern devices and browsers. Star admin comes with a good selection of widget for your dashboard. If you want to customize it. The commented code and reusable UI components help too.


  • Beautiful typography
  • 6 types of the chart element
  • Reusable UI component
  • GULP automation
  • Clean and structure code


Xtreme is used for creating a stunning User Interface for your application or product. It is fully responsive and based on a modular design that offers full customization. It is helpful to implement the complex requirements for modern applications.


  • 4+ different dashboard
  • 3 pre-defined color skins
  • 300+ Font icon
  • Light dark version
  • Clean and creative landing page


Hulk is a developer-friendly powerful Dark Theme React admin template. It is fully responsive and comes with RTL support. Hulk include ready to use components and widget. By the using hulk, you can create your own admin panel.


  • 3 pre-design dashboards
  • 30+ page layout
  • No jQuery dependency
  • Multi-language support
  • Firebase +Auth0 +JWT Authentication


Vurox is a fully-featured admin theme template built-in Nextjs a react framework with Redux thunk. It’s beautiful and simple layout comes with a light-dark version.


  • Multi demo with flexible layout
  • React redux-thunk
  • Responsive design
  • Well documented
  • 3 Admin page layout


Universal is a full feature multi-purpose premium react theme built with reactstrap, HTML5, CSS as well as No jQuery dependency. It comes with a huge collection of reusable components and integrated with react.


  • 3000 icon
  • Clean code and design
  • Dark visualization
  • Live chat
  • E-Mail integration


Nazox is a fully feature admin dashboard template in react redux-saga with firebase authentication and developer-friendly code. It is a beautifully crafted, clean, and minimal designed admin template with a light-dark theme and RTL support.


  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Google map integration
  • Form validation
  • Calendar view
  • Drop zone file upload


Vanta is a dark theme template that comes with clean design, modular code, and complete legibility even in the low light setting. It serves as an excellent starting point for a different web development projects. The stylish, modern, and intuitive look surely catches the user’s attention. The best feature is all design element are combined to create harmony between components and layout.


  • 10+ pre-built a widget
  • Responsive design
  • Simple and modern design
  • Well commented and documented
  • Cross-browser compatibility


Wieldy is a complete React admin template and Starter kid that follows the Ant design concept and implements the Ant design framework for develop apps. It has the entire necessary React library to develop a robust small to complex application in a shorter time span.


  • Ant design (Popular and component Rich UI Library for React app)
  • 10 Awesome layout
  • 100+ Widget and Metrics
  • Powerful map library (Am maps, Google map)
  • Github Access


Above mention, all the template comes with a light-dark mode. Suitable the theme according to your need.

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