Top 10 Figma Landing Page Template

Why used Figma?

  • Figma works on any platform
  • Collaborating in Figma is simple and familiar
  • Figma uses slack for team communication
  • Figma sharing is uncomplicated and flexible
  • Embedded Figma files provide real-time updating
  • Figma is great for design review feedback

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most stunning and amazing Free Figma Landing page Templates:

Nebulax — Business Landing Page

Xshapp Multipage app Landing Figma Template

RideTalk — carpooling mobile app Landing page Template

Petparent — A Dog care mobile app Landing page Figma Template

Adkart — Classified ad mobile app and Landing page Figma Template

Upland — Mobile App Landing Page Figma UI Template



Landie — Figma Landing Page Builder




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