Top 20+ Elegant jQuery Dashboards of 2020 for Web Developers

8 min readApr 4, 2020


jQuery is a lightweight, fast and popular JavaScript library. The main goal of jQuery is to offer a simple way for developers to use JavaScript on their website to make an attractive website. It’s included the No.of. Processes including DOM manipulation, Animation. More than 70% of the website used jQuery for the website.

jQuery template is built using one and more jQuery plug-ins. Their plug-ins help you to create animation and other effects to improve the user interface of your website and web application. All the templates included here are high-quality design, built with bootstrap, React, Vue, Angular and have a wide range of components, UI elements, and collection of the widget.

Gradient Able

Gradient Able JQuery Dashboard
Gradient Able Admin Dashboard

Without any second thought, the Gradient Able is one of the best Bootstrap admin templates. It is available in many different editions and makes things easier for the developers. This template ensures you don’t have to create an admin dashboard from scratch.

Some excellent features in the Gradient Able are RTL, sidebar image, and eCommerce pages among others. You will find this tool will help you in creating a solid foundation. Furthermore, using this software is very simple as you only need some knowledge of CSS, and JavaScript.

Datta Able Admin

Datta Able Admin Dashboard

Datta Able is one of the most used bootstrap admin templates having an excellent support system and browser compatibility. It is free for single-use, but you have to pay a certain charge for multiple usages. The user doesn’t need any documentation for installing. This template in their system developing apps with the help of data able template becomes very easier.

The feature includes 130+pages, 30+ layout, flexible code, high performance, and complete UI kit.

Able Pro Admin

Able Pro Admin Dashboard

Able Pro is a built-in Bootstrap framework with material look and feel. It contains ready to use feature package and provides a flexible solution to every problem. It contains the good structure and commented code. The best features are it comes with a light /dark layout option to give the unlimited creativity of the user.

The standard feature includes pre-build admin panel, responsive and retina ready,11+ menu option, 100+ external plugin and cross-browser compatibility.

Metronic Admin

Metronic JQuery admin
Metronic Admin Dashboard

Metronic is a simple and classic admin dashboard template build in Bootstrap 4 and JQuery. Metronic is a feature-rich template it has a general as well as network components. It provides custom search, user notification, events, logs, and a multi-language option.

It is mainly used for E-commerce website design if you use a Metronic admin dashboard template to create an e-commerce website you don’t have to waste time to customize it or change anything, most important thing in an e-commerce website is User Interface (UI) Metronic comes with a bright and radiant color so the user gets a rich experience.

Cork Admin

Cork jQuery dashboard
Cork Admin dashboard

Cork is a lightweight, powerful admin dashboard template built using bootstrap and SaaS for back end projects. It comes with a working JS app to build back end applications. Cork admin also comes with a multitude of reusable components, button, map, chart and widget, form, etc. it also includes light-dark layout, with multiple browser compatibility such as chrome, Mozilla, etc.

Guru Able

Guru Able Jquery Dashboard
Guru Able Bootstrap 4 admin panel

Guru Able built using bootstrap 4 beta framework also comes with Bootstrap 4 is also comes with JQuery. It is used for backend-main feature including ready to use dashboard variant, widgets, complete form version, a vast collection of the chart for a visual representation of data.

The feature includes 35+ demo options such as main demo, compact sidebar demo, RTL demo, for designing it includes 200+ page included, 1200+ UI components, 300+ widget.


Dashlite is a powerful admin dashboard template specially build for developers and programmers. It comes with all kinds of components, necessary element and pre-built pages layout including three exclusive apps related to digital currency such as crypto buy-sell, crypto wallet, HYIP investment.

The feature includes pre-build ready to use, fully responsive, listing (User, Transaction, KYC) and detailed pages, pre-built ready to use application use, real use widget.


Treva JQuery Admin Dashboard
Treva UI Kit

Treva admin template is built using the latest bootstrap 4 design frameworks. It comes with Advanced UI components that suit your backend needs.

The standard feature includes the highly feature-rich page, 90+ page layout, 10+ Advanced layout, 30+ plug-ins and contains 1000+ UI elements. It is responsive and retina ready design along with every browser and device.

Dore jQuery

Dore JQuery Dashboard
Dore JQuery Dashboard

Dore is a combination of good design and well structure coding. It is built in bootstrap. A Dore jQuery admin template design neat and clean. It comes with a smart menu.

It includes a 10+ color scheme for the attractive color plate, 4 separate dashboards, multiple pre-built apps, video and sound player and fully responsive.

The Empire

The Empire Bootstrap 4 JQuery Dashboard
Empire Admin Dashboard

Empire is a stunning and beautiful theme specially design for E-commerce or online store. It comes with a stunning dashboard and advanced search option such as product filter.

It includes high speed optimized SEO Optimized, for easy customization drag-drop navigation, social media icon, mobile-friendly, customizable content.

Porto Admin

Porto JQuery Dashboard
Porto Admin Panel

Porto is one of the best choices for new projects starting from scratch. It is a fully SEO optimize admin theme that provides high performance to your website. Once you unlock Porto, one of the best themes available for you. You can feel the richness of this theme while showing a live demo.

Porto basic feature includes 20+ niche demo, including a powerful content management system, various type of page layout, horizontal and vertical menu option. It is a responsive design along with every browser and device.

Flash Able

Flash Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Jquery Dashboard
Flash Able Bootstrap 4 admin Dashboard

Flash Able is a unique and professional-looking admin template built using Bootstrap. It contains high feature-rich pages and components with a fully developer-centric code.

The feature includes 14+ new layout for creating the attractive design, SEO optimized for fast loading, 200+ different page layout, fully customize, retina ready and responsive.


Stack JQuery Dashboard
Stack — Clean Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Stack is a bootstrap admin template that comes with a unique and radiant color scheme. It is a fastest-selling admin template in 2020. The teme includes stunning design and structure coded for easy customization. It contains chat application, mail integration.

The standard feature includes form repeater, update feather icon, image cropper, drop zone file upload and 9 ready to use layout.

Elite Able

Elite Able Bootstrap 4 JQuery Dashboard
Elite Able — Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Elite able is one of the most comprehensive admin templates built using react. It comes with a high feature-rich page and components. Elite is a combination of structure code and flexible design.

The best feature is live customization with preview, other additional features include 200+ pages,14+ new layout, retina ready and fast loading.


Robust Admin templates
Robust — Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin, Dashboard & WebApp Kit Template

Robust is a super flexible, powerful, clean and modern design admin dashboard theme that comes with unlimited possibilities.

It includes 7 default templates such as compact, overlay, horizontal, etc. as well as 5 niche dashboard, 8 icon sets, SaaS support, and 10 chart libraries for a visual representation of static data.

Mega Able

Mega Able Dashboard
Mega Able Bootstrap 4 & Angular 7 Admin Dashboard Template

Mega Able is a fast and robust template that can definitely boost your performance. The clean and sharp UI design of this template has different menu layout variants. There are four extreme dashboards for making widget integration better.

On top of that, there is a fully crafted widget collection added in Mega Able for providing complete flexibility. Additionally, the package includes both light + dark color along with extra variants.

Flat Able

Flat Able Bootstrap 4 admin JQuery dashboard
Flat Able — Bootstrap 4 Admin Template v2.0

Flat able is one of the unique dashboard templates built using Bootstrap. It’s also available in React and Angular. Flat Able comes with a tone of ready to use the feature. It’s a stunning concept and color combination helps you to create a stunning app.

The themes come with 4 extreme dashboards, 100+ widget, 240+ pages and different types of form variants. It also comes with RTL support.

Caroline Dash

Caroline Dash admin
Caroline Dash

Caroline is a retina ready compatible admin template built using bootstrap. It’s acquiring the concept of google material design for a crafted stunning design. It’s compatible with all major browsers such as chrome, Mozilla and devices such as a tablet, mobile.

The standard feature includes 10+ prebuild widget, 100% responsive and retina tested, easy to use and install, well documented and unique chart library.


Muson Admin Jquery Dashboard
Muson — Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Muson is a fully responsive admin dashboard template with HTML 5 and bootstrap.

The feature includes easy to use, simple code and SaaS files, google map, and vector map integration.


Xtreme Bootstrap 4 JQuery Dashboard
Xtreme Admin — Powerful Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template

Xtreme is a lightweight Bootstrap dashboard template featuring one basic dashboard. It provides support for material icons and fully responsive. It is based on a modular design that offers the user an uncomplicated and customization option.

It comes with a variety of feature different dashboards with 6 unique demos, 250+ pages template, and 65+ ready to use UI element.

Star Admin

Star Admin JQuery Dashboard
Star Admin Dashboard

Star Admin Template is a responsive and mobile-first admin template that provides a great foundation for your Bootstrap project.

This template is remarkably flexible, highly customizable and helps you create an amazing UI for your admin panel. Star Admin packs all the features needed to build admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems, CMS or CRM.


By the way of conclusion, use a JavaScript with technology like Bootstrap, angular and other provides a stunning front-end interface as well as optimized the website in Search engine. It’s reduced the load time because of light-weightiness.




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