What is Signal? why people are moving from WhatsApp to Signal.

What is Signal? why people are moving from WhatsApp to Signal.

WhatsApp’s privacy and policy update causing outrage on the internet. During that time Signal has come in to focus on netizens as an alternative to WhatsApp. Many users think about a switch from WhatsApp to Signal. Before using a Signal, you have many questions such as what is the Signal? Who owns this? Is it safe? Or is it really better than WhatsApp?

What is Signal?

Signal is a messaging application that can be downloaded on Apple (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Mac, and Linux devices. The app tagline is: “Say hello to privacy”

The Signal is an encrypted app that lets you send messages and make calls via the internet. Signal’s USP is its focus on privacy. It is open-source and its code is peer-reviewed, which means privacy and security are regularly checked by independent experts. It supports group chat and group video calls too.

Who owns the Signal app?

Signal was created by Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer. The app has been developed by the Signal foundation and Signals messenger LLC. The Signal foundation was founded on January 10, 2018, and a former co-founder of WhatsApp — Brian Acton made initial funding of $50 million. Signal app was released on 8th January 2021 (Android), 10th January 2021 (IOS), and 18th January 2021 (Desktop) version.

A key feature of the Signal app

Every app has its strengths and weaknesses, Signal’s biggest strength is its focus on privacy, which means that it encrypts texts, calls, group calls, and even gif searches.

Users can also create groups albeit without the option to broadcast messages to various contacts at once. The app has also added the group chat feature recently. Users can add up to 150 members in groups on Signal and not everyone is automatically added to the group.

People are sent an invite to join a group, unlike WhatsApp where if someone has your phone number they can directly add you to a group.

Signal also offers a disappearing feature which you can set for each individual chat for a duration of 5 seconds to one week.

Is Signal is fully safe?

Signal is one of the most secure messaging apps right now. Its end-to-end encryption is so trusted that WhatsApp also adopted the same, and it is used for pretty much all of its features, which means that it’s extremely difficult for others to spy on your conversations.

Signal has the feature under which no one will be able to figure out who is sending and receiving messages. This app encrypts all files with a four-digit passphrase and users can also get a local backup. This app also encrypts group calls.

You can also enable additional security features such as requiring a second password (other than the OTP) to log in to Signal on new devices, biometric authentication, etc.

Is Signal better than WhatsApp?

In terms of privacy features, Signal is better than WhatsApp.

Signal has the option to write a “note to self” rather than forming a single person group to send notes to oneself. Users can also utilize the “note to self-feature” while chatting on other groups.

In a comparison of data collection, WhatsApp collects huge No of data such as device ID, user ID, phone number, email address, contacts, advertising data, and payment information whereas Signal collects much less data it’s only collects user phone numbers.

Note: The Signal is recommended by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, American whistleblower Edward Snowden, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Oscar-winning filmmaker and journalist Laura Poitras.

In nutshell, Signal’s primary goal is to provide you with a platform without worrying about security and being spied. Signal is a much more private alternative where the parent company’s business interests don’t clash with your privacy.



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